Letter of Thanks

Posted on March 24, 2021

Dear Cheryl, I am writing this letter to say “thank you!”. I mean this with the utmost gratitude. As you know, I was having many issues with my enormous English Mastiff, Stella. She had a complete lack of boundaries, messing in the house, running away, not listening to me, chewing and destroying absolutely everything, nipping and jumping on humans (which started to turn into actual biting). These problems were escalating daily, and as you can imagine, I started to become afraid of my own dog. I had set April as a final deadline, and with no improvement, would make the sad decision to part with her. I am so glad it is not necessary. You taught me that being a leader had to come from a place of joy, confidence and calmness. Mostly Cheryl, you have empowered me to bring back calmness and balance into my life overall. Your knowledge, kind but firm manner and your patience, have set Stella and I on the path to a successful and rewarding relationship.

Sincerely Karen L. & Stella