Classes & Services

What Should I bring to each session?

Please provide current vaccination records and proof of external parasite control prior to your first session.  For all classes, you should bring the following:

Puppy Preschool

Food and toy rules, socialization, sight/sound/touch sensitivity, prep handling for vet/grooming/nail trim events, crating, house training, leash handling, meet and greets, human/dog interaction, agility and lots of play! Great placement for under socialized, shy, or timid puppies. Set your puppy up for success!

May 4 – May 25, 2024
Four 1 hr. sessions, held each Saturday
Class location is 3440 Viewmont Court, Houston, BC. 
1:00 pm -2:00 pm Cost $210 (GST included)
Max – 4 handler/dog teams


All foundation obedience training is done privately.  Like us, dogs learn new skills much better when not subject to major distraction.  Once a solid foundation is in place, we begin proofing the dogs skills under heavy distraction.  This creates truly reliable obedience, and a trusting and respectful relationship between dog and handler.


Don’t have time to train?  Let us do it for you. We offer day training, as well as long term board/train.  The custom training provided, specifically targets the goals you have for yourself and your dog.  The sessions are 1/2 hour in length, twice daily.  Upon completion, we conduct a 2 hour consult with dog and owner, to ensure your success moving forward.
$105 per day (GST) included.



Want to train alongside your dog?  One hour session of private training tailored to you and your dog, on site, or at your home.

4 PACK – $472.50 (GST included)
6 PACK – $630 (GST included)
12 PACK – $1150 (GST included)

Level 1 Tracking

We love tracking! And even better, so do our dogs! We would be pleased to have you join us, to discover a wonderful, healthy new skill you can enjoy with your four footed friend. This is a great placement for dogs of all ages and sizes, and particularly beneficial for focusing over enthusiastic, energetic teenage dogs. Exercise the mind and the body!

Six weekly 1-1/2 hr. sessions.
Class location is Four Seasons Park, Houston BC
9:30 am – 11 am
Saturday, May 4 – Saturday, June 8, 2024

Cost $315  (GST included)

Max – 6 handler/dog teams

Level 2 Tracking

For teams that have completed Level 1 Tracking. In Level 2 we introduce longer, more complex tracks as well as evidence indication and off leash tracking.

Six 1-1/2 hr. sessions.
Class location is Four Seasons Park, Houston, BC
11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Saturday, June 15 – Saturday, July 20, 2024
Cost $315 (GST included)
Max – 6 handler/dog teams

Private aggression Consultation

A one hour private consultation to provide you with tools and strategies to address any aggression/reactivity you may be experiencing with your dogs behaviour. The session can be held on site, or in your home.
Cost (In home) $200 + GST

Cost (On site)    $150 + GST 

Service/Therapy Dog Assessment Training (Justice Institute of BC)

Sixteen week program of professional obedience training plus, culminating in Justice Institute of BC assessment for service/therapy dog certification. If you are interested in enrolling in the program, please contact Cheryl at Kadence K9 for further information. 
Max – 2 handler/dog teams. 
Cost $1575 (GST included)
Cheque, cash or etransfer to:

Specialty Classes

Please contact Cheryl at Kadence K9 for further information regarding the specialty classes.

Kadence K9 Fall Camp

Four day workshop, held over two consecutive weekends. Consists of theory and practical sessions including an introduction of dog psychology, dog sports, socialization, aggression, behaviour modification and the full Level One obedience series. All dogs and handlers are suited for this camp.

Saturday and Sunday, September 07/08 – Saturday and Sunday, September 14/15, 2024
Four 6 hour sessions (24 total hours of instruction)  All class materials are included.
Class location is 3440 Viewmont Court, Houston BC
9:30 am – 4:00 pm
Cost $1,575 (GST included)
Max –  6 handler/dog teams