Redemption & second chances

Posted on April 28, 2022

Have now had the dog I call Jai for 6 weeks…we have begun to develop a trusting, respectful relationship during that time. Together, we attended a clinic for protection training this past weekend. This is what this dog was born and bred to do, and he had the most fun of his life. I am so grateful I took the leap of faith, and took him in, rather than letting him be put down. Now that he has a home where his breed is understood, and is in a position to nurture his needs, he is flourishing. A fun loving, honest great dog. I absolutely adore him and hold him in high regard. Far too many dogs don’t receive that second chance, due to lack of human understanding. Which unfortunately is exactly what generally puts the dog in that tenuous position to start with. My boy certainly redeemed himself on the weekend. I knew I needed this dog, and he been a stellar teacher so far!