Electronic Collar Training

Posted on December 9, 2021

Due to high demand, we are introducing this new class for dogs and their handlers. The first class will be held in March 2022, and will be posting more details and confirmed dates in February. Unfortunately, this effective training tool has been widely misused due to lack of user education. It is our goal to demonstrate that the purpose of the equipment is not to punish, but to provide the lightest of biofeedback when doing distance work, etc. An analogy may be as in the screwdriver…you can use it to place a screw, or to cause serious harm. It is not the tool, it is the fashion in which it is used. In this class, we teach how the ecollar is layered into foundational training, and utilized in a positive training model approach. This is a wonderful class for dog owners looking to improve off leash obedience, or to assist in behaviour modification.